Friday, December 31, 2010


The post I loaded yesterday didn't work quite right. I tried to upload a video of Delilah walking in the Pediatricians office. It was from my phone and apparently the video didn't upload, so I deleted that post and will now show you two short video clips taken today.

**Please note that her pants are too big, so she is showing her undies (aka Diaper). I plan to correct this soon (by adding an elastic waist or making a belt) and teach her that showing her unmentionables in unladylike. There will be no saggy pants in her future.**

She is very good at walking. She is doing it constantly. She only crawls when there are things in her way, she is too tired to walk, or she needs to get somewhere super fast. She is such a superstar!


  1. That's our rockstar! Go D!!! So proud!

  2. That's amazing!!! Go, Delilah! I can't wait to see Dean walking. :)