Thursday, January 13, 2011


I know I have been MIA for a little while. I haven't posted since December, eek. I blame the weather, but so does the rest of the country, right?!? The weather has been a bit crappy here. The ice/winter storm we were hit with, this past weekend, had us confined to our homes. Alabama just doesn't know how to handle winter weather. I could have used my confinement to blog, but I scrapbooked instead. You can see some of my many pages on my other blog.

Anyway, you probably want to hear about Delilah. Am I right? Well, she is AMAZING! Our girl is a WALKER!!!!!! She is on the go and nothing can stop her now. It is so magical to watch. She really loves when we are upstairs in the loft. She gets to walk from the loft, down the hall, into her room and back again. She is constantly bringing me things from her room. She may be making a bigger mess now, but I couldn't be happier. She also loves playing 'chase'. She will stand up a few steps from one of us, turn back to look at us(or 'show her tail' as John puts it), and then take off. It is so funny and just plain FUN!

We are also seeing a lot more communication, mostly signs. The girl can sign quite a bit. My favorite lately is 'please'. So glad she is learning to be polite. She is also beginning to sound out some words. When we say "night, night" she will say "ni, ni". She also says "sna" for snack. I am constantly repeating words and trying to coax more words, but I know it will take time. Thank goodness for signing.

Her understanding has also grown. When I ask her if she fed her baby today, she will go to the baby and feed it it's bottle. CUTENESS! We are working on 'soft' touches with the pets. She likes to grab the cat and pull. The cat's not really a fan. She is getting better.

We are excited to be starting Kindermusik at The Bell Center next week. (We were suppose to start this week, but everything shut down due to the ice.) It will be a great opportunity for Delilah to socialize with other children. We are on the top of their wait list for a spot in one of the other classes as well.

Well, thats all for tonight. Wait. I haven't posted a pic and that just wouldn't be right. Here is my new favorite pic of my beautiful girl. I have finally managed to get pigtails into her hair. Isn't she adorable? (As if I really have to ask!?!)

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