Monday, June 27, 2011

Party Pics

Now that I have fully rested up from all the planning and the actual party, I can post some pics. Delilah seemed to have a good time. As with last year, she didn't have much interest in opening her presents. Mainly due to having 3 BIG gifts sitting unwrapped, and ready for play. Thank goodness her friend, Addison, was here to assist. She made sure to get all presents unwrapped and opened. Enjoy the pics. (Lighting isn't ideal in my house, so pics are a bit funny.)

Her big gifts. Car from Nana and Pawpaw. Tricycle from Pops and Gran Deanie. 
Kitchen from Mommy and Daddy. 

Modeling her new apron and dress. (Both made by Mommy)

Checking out her new toys.

I think she likes.

Loving her new tricycle.

"Why do I have to work during my party?" (Pretty much refusing to open gifts.)

Thank you Addison!


Shoving the whole cupcake in her mouth. (It's a mini.)

So cute!

Addison has the right idea. Make it last, one sprinkle at a time!


  1. Love all the pics! And Happy Birthday, Delilah!

    (BTW, where did you get the kitchen? Love it!)

  2. I ordered the kitchen off Amazon. There are some similar red ones that are perfect for boys. I actually considered getting a red kitchen, just in case we have a boy one day so it would be gender neutral. Ultimately I couldn't resist the pink one.