Thursday, November 11, 2010

Two Steps

Last night, Delilah took two steps without assistance! I was sitting in the glider, binding a quilt, while Delilah played next to me. I looked up to see her standing by the foot stool. Then she let go and took two full steps before losing her balance and falling forward. Did she fall on her face? NOPE! She reached out and caught herself. She then got back up and tried again. My little girl is on her way to walking! I am so excited. When we try to assist her with walking, she fights it, or she just wants to be silly and play. She is proving how independent she is. She wants to do it on her own. I hope she continues trying. I would love to see her walking by Christmas! What a wonderful present that would be! I will try to catch it on video. I just need to charge to Flip.

Happy Veteran's Day to all the soldiers, past and present, especially my husband! Thank you for your service!

1 comment:

  1. GO, Delilah!!! She's amazing with these milestones, I'm so impressed! How exciting :)