Sunday, November 7, 2010

Snuggly Fire

We have had a very productive weekend. We have finally unpacked all our moving boxes. Yep...only took a year. Our garage had gotten out of hand so we finally decided to clean it out and get rid of all those boxes. It is always fun to unpack boxes. You find things you had forgot you had. Normally I would say if we haven't seen it/missed it in a year, then it goes in the trash or donate pile. Unfortunately, there was a lot of stuff I forgot I owned that I love. Needless to say, I have to figure out where to put all my new old items. I did throw out and donate a lot, so not to worry.

We also lit a fire for the first time this season. It is so nice to cuddle up under my quilt with a good book and the fire crackling beside me. We were very curious to see how Delilah would react to it. She loves climbing on the hearth, so we were worried she would try to jump in. Well, at first she did try. She wanted to be up close and personal with the fire. After a few "No's" and placing her away from the fire, she finally understood to stay away. We will see if she understands tonight! I did take some pics of her by fire light that I have to share.

Our night time routine includes the following: Dinner, Bath Time, Sippy Cup of Milk with Mommy on the couch and then PLAY TIME with Daddy on the living room floor. She loves her play time with Daddy. She is all giggles and squeals. They are too stinkin' cute together. 

We have also figured out how to stop the bed time screaming fits. DADDY! He has the magic touch. Anytime he puts her to bed, it is instant peace. If I do it, she screams bloody murder. Good thing Daddy is here to stay:) And before I forget, she has recently learned the art of waving Bye, Bye. Every time we carry her up or down the stairs, she will wave bye, bye to the one staying behind. It is ridiculously cute. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Those are the cutest pictures, I love the ones of her in front of the fireplace!