Monday, November 22, 2010

Some Updates

Last night Delilah was in the mood to practice walking. She has been able to take about 2 steps before losing her balance and sitting. She seems to do best when John and I are sitting on the furniture and not on the floor. If we are on the floor with her she wants to be silly and play, not walk back and forth to us. So, John sat on the couch and I sat on the ottoman. She continued to take two to three steps at a time. Then all of a sudden she decided to change direction and walk from our ottoman to our Papisan Chair (also known as the round chair). I would say it is about 10 Delilah steps between the two. She made it the entire way without losing her balance! I was so excited I started cheering and clapping. Delilah was also very excited. The smile on her face was so big! She was very proud of herself. She continued trying, but walking is very hard work and she was getting tired, so she wasn't able to continue much longer. Even so, 10 steps is such a big deal! She is on her way to walking. We have physical therapy tomorrow and I can't wait to tell her therapist. I just know she will be a full time walker by Christmas; the best present I could ever ask for!

Another thing Delilah is doing is pretending to talk on the phone. She has always loved the phone, but she has never held it to her ear. She has only ever pressed buttons and shake it in her hands. Anytime I am on the phone she stands next to me and watches what I am doing. When I am done she reaches for the phone. Now she puts it to her ear and says "Ahhhhhhhhh". She will continue saying that over and over again. It is the cutest thing. I am very impressed by this because it is the first time I have seen any 'pretend' play from her. It's one of those little things that would seem 'normal' for most kids, but is extraordinary for her. I can't wait to see her pretend play with her baby doll!

Hope everyone is having a magnificent Monday!

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