Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pulling Up

It seems like in the past few days Delilah has had some major achievements! MAJOR!!!! One has been 'army' crawling up the ramp. She has made it all the way to the top. And when she gets to the top, she swings her legs off and stands next to it, holding onto the ottoman of course. This takes a lot of strength. Here is a video of the climbing. 

However, it was this morning that I notice her biggest achievement to date. As I was working on a photo editing class I looked up and I saw this:

That's right folks, Delilah pulled up to a standing position using her toy box. She did this from laying on her tummy!!!! What a ROCKSTAR! I was so excited I teared up. She was so proud of herself, and she should be. It takes a lot of strength to be able to do that. I believe we will be seeing even more amazing achievements in the days to come. Here is a video of her pulling up. Took me a little while to catch it!

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  1. That's awesome Kera! She's getting so big! Wyatt still has yet to pull himself up on furniture. And he just started wiggle worm crawling 4 months ago when he was 10 months. Glad John made it home, give Delilah hugs and tell John hi from all of us. Hope things are going well for your family. We miss you!