Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Carseat

This may not be a major event, but it certainly seems to make Miss D a happy girl. This past week we got her new carseat. She has just about outgrown the infant carrier. After asking around to all the other PWS moms and our specialists, we bought the Britax Advovate. This is one of the highest rated and safest convertable carseats available on the market. I have yet to read a bad review. I don't count issues with its size because I have an SUV and knew that wouldn't be an issue for me. (It is a beast!) Even though Delilah is a year old, she will be rear facing until she is 2 or older, due to her low muscle tone.

Delilah really seems to like her new seat. Now she sits up more and is higher to see out the window. Just look at that grin!

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  1. Look at that sweet girl in her carseat!!! She looks great. ;)