Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bath Time

Last night was Delilah's First Bath at home. She has had sponge baths in the NICU, but this is her first bath in her own tub. I think she really liked it. She groaned a little once, but she seemed quite content in her little tub. She wasn't all that happy to get out of the tub. I think she was a little chilled, but once she was wrapped up in her robe (lots of growing room for sure) she was happy again. I may be a little bias, but she is the cutest baby girl ever!


  1. How precious! My Caylee-Grace loves bath time. She hates to see it end.

  2. Delilah - you are such a beautiful baby girl!!! And getting so big! We know your mommy and daddy are very happy to have you home. That smile on your pretty face tells us your happy to be home too! You and your mommy and daddy are in our prayers daily and we just know your going to show those doctors a thing or two!! Always remember Delilah... Prayer is a very powerful thing!

    Kathy and Steve Simmons

  3. Kera,John and Delilah,

    Aunt Lyn here and I have got tears in my eyes since I haven't been on the site in a week and I am so happy for all of you. She looks precious taking her bath and in her own bed. Take care and know that Uncle Billy and I are praying, and celebrating tonite your family's good fortune to be all together. The future is yours so make it all very special. We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aunt Lyn & Uncle Billy