Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Cheeks Hurt

John and I just returned from our nightly, Kangaroo Care, visit with our little angel and my cheeks hurt. I can't stop smiling. The wonderful Dr. Decarlo (only recently "wonderful") told us some great news. Apparently the Occupational Therapist, Sally, worked with Delilah this evening and after seeing how well she sucked on her finger she decided to try a BOTTLE. Delilah didn't drink very much (about 3ml), but it was a step in the right direction. Dr. Decarlo said Sally will continue to work with her until he is satisfied with her progress and then hopefully we can give it a try. I just couldn't believe it. I might be a little bias, but Delilah is the brightest baby ever! I can't wait to see what she does tomorrow!

Below are pictures I took of Delilah tonight. We are hoping it is the last time we see an IV in her head. They have had to move it between her feet, hands, and head in order to keep the swelling down. (The calcium in the fluids is hard on her little veins.) She should be off the IV tomorrow. All the cords and probes might look uncomfortable and scary, but she doesn't seem to mind at all. Actually, she always looks so comfortable when we go for our visits.


  1. Wow that is such great news. It is great how wonderful she is doing. I am so proud of her and you should be too. When you see her this morning, tell her we are all cheering her on, and give her a hug for us! You two are doing awesome with her. Yea she is doing so great!!!!

  2. WHOOHOO! In the pictures even her color looks better. You better rest now because when she gets home she'll have so much energy that you won't be able to keep up with her! We love you all. Ms Janet, et al.