Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sea World and then some!

This past weekend, Delilah and I ventured south to Georgia and then on to Orlando. Our friends (and previous neighbors in AK), the Martins, invited us to join them on a trip to SeaWorld. They didn't have to ask twice, especially after learning about the Here's to the Heroes program; free admission for Military Members and their direct dependents.

I would love to say this trip was easy breezy, but that just isn't how our lives work. The night I was packing, the cat spilt a soda on my laptop. It immediately shut down and acted very dead. I was devastated. Mainly because a replacement for my MacBook is not in the budget. Luckily, I am very OCD on backing up to my external hard drive, so most things were saved. I unplugged the MacBook, removed the battery, and left it upside down during the trip. When I came home it turned on and seems to be working fine. Crossing my fingers that it continues, but will be putting some money aside for a replacement, just in case.

The kicks don't stop there. After arriving at the Martins house, in Georgia, the Tahoe decided not to start. We jumped it and charged the battery. It seemed to work, but on Friday morning when we were getting ready to head to Orlando, it had the same problem. Jumped it again and then decided to get the battery tested when we got to Orlando. (Upon reflection, I realize that we probably should have done that Thursday night, before we left. Oh well!) Guess what? I needed to replace the battery. Fine. Anything to get my Tahoe running normal.

So we enjoyed the rest of Friday and our day at Sea World on Saturday (more on that later). Sunday we drove back to Georgia and arrived around lunchtime. We decided to go out to dinner that night. Once we are all loaded into the Tahoe, guess what happens? Nothing!!! Darn thing wouldn't start. We were stumped. The battery was working, as was evident by all the lights working. Monica managed to call a friend who knew a mechanic. He was able to come out to the house Monday morning. (Thank goodness. A tow was not really in the budget!) After about a half hour looking at everything, he figured it out. Blown fuse. All the stress and worry that darn fuse caused me! ***I know I'm rambling on, but it's important to share all the adventures of a trip, even if they aren't so much fun.***

Anyhow, I should probably move onto talking about the fun stuff, like Sea World. Delilah and I had a blast. The Martin's too! Little girl loved everything, even the carousel! I was amazed that her attention was held so long durning the shows. When they would end she would turn to us and sign/say "more". She also loved the aquariums. I think we may have to get one for the house one of these days. Here are some pics. Hope you enjoy!
Delilah trying to give Alex a kiss. He wouldn't have it.
She also tried holding his hand, all day, but, sadly, he wasn't interested.  

Sitting with Justin during the Shamu show. Loved it!
During the Shamu show. 

Riding a spinning ride with Monica. (I don't do rides, especially ones that spin!)
Riding the carousel. She was very mad when it ended. 
Me and Michelle. Proof that I was actually on this trip!
Loving the aquarium. 
Worn completely out! (And yes, a wardrobe change.
It was chilly in the morning, but warmed up quite a bit.)
Don't want to forget a pic of the Whales!
Kissing Whales!

Some other news before I go. I finally decided to start (officially) a home business. At this time I am offering custom Camera Strap Covers, E-Reader Covers and Digital Scrapbook Services. I will also discuss other custom sewing projects. My new website is  Please go and take a look. Here is a sample of my work.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!

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