Monday, October 11, 2010

Long Morning

This morning was a little rough for Delilah. She had a, highly procrastinated, doctor appointment. When we went in for her 12 month appointment, she was sick so she couldn't get her shots. Shots are never fun, so I put them off a bit. (I know...sue me!) Also in the hustle and bustle of John returning from Iraq, Dr. Miller sent us a request to get some lab work done. This email got lost in my ever growing inbox and was just found last week. (Thank goodness Dr. Miller is so understanding!) So we no longer could put off the dreaded doctor appointment, and I made an early 8:30am appointment for this morning.

Let me start by saying the lab work requested required fasting, so Delilah had not had her breakfast or milk at the time we arrived for our appointment. I made it a point to arrive early, 20 mins, so we could possibly get the lab work taken care of fast, and D could have her milk. SO didn't happen. We were taken into the back for measurements (21lbs, 33inches long) then escorted to a room. Where we waited to see the doctor. Waiting BLOWS! I think we waited well over 30 minutes before there was a knock at the door. The doctor came in and did the normal exam and asked the usual questions. Then she said the lab tech and nurse would be in, quickly, for shots and blood work. Not so quick. It was another 20 minutes before we heard the second knock. Hoping beyond hope it was the lab tech, I was quite disappointed to see the nurse for the shots. I was really hoping for blood work first. At least I would be able to give her milk to calm her down after. I couldn't do that with the shots going first. Four painful shots later, I had a very unhappy child on my hands. She was inconcolable, but who can blame her with an empty stomach and painful shots.

I again hoped for the lab tech to arrive shortly after. I really set myself up for disappointment. It was another 15 minutes before the lab techs arrived. They seemed shocked to see a child already screaming and crying. I was a bit worried they wouldn't be able to proceed. They usually can't find a good vein and send us to Children's to get the labs done. Luckily it worked out and Delilah was finally done with everything. She could finally have her breakfast!

Now, I know waiting in doctor's offices is inevitable. However, when the infringes on the comfort of a child, my child, I start to take issue. I did everything I could to try to get the lab work done first and fast. I told the nurse while making the appointment. I told the receptionist while checking in. I told the nurse taking measurements. I even expressed my feeling to the doctor. All, to no avail. I was one frustrated mommy today. Even John noted my grumpiness when we picked him up from the airport.

I don't usually have issues with our Pediatrician. I really like both of the doctors and don't want to find a new practice, but I can't have Delilah going through all this. Spending time in doctors offices is going to be a solid fixture in her life and there is no reason for them to be so traumatic. Hopefully I can speak to the doctor about this and find a solution.

On a brighter note, (sorry for all the venting), Delilah is learning to communicate more and more with sign language. She is beginning to sign things without being prompted. For instance, she signs "more" when she wants me to continue singing a song. So stinkin' cute. She is also starting to let go of furniture while standing. You should see the look on her face when she does, so proud. (I will try to catch it on camera.)

A fun thing Daddy has taught her is 'touchdown'. Anytime we say it she raises her arms up in the air, and we will clap and yell touchdown again. She will also do this unprovoked and grunt at us to yell "touchdown". I have tried to catch this on camera, but she is a quick one.

I will try to get some photos to post soon, to make up for this super long post!

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