Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Wonderful Day

Today has been WONDERFUL! Delilah and I decided to go on a shopping trip. I needed a few supplies from Joann's and Delilah is in need of some warmer clothes (mainly a light sweater), so a trip to the Mall was in order.

I have mastered outings with Delilah. I always schedule certain stores around Delilah's meal schedule. If I know I am going to spend a lot of time in one store (i.e., Joann's or any store with Fabric), where I will need patience from Delilah, I make sure we go during Snack time. I just bring some of the Gerber Puffs in a ziplock and her sippy cup and she is a happy camper while mommy browses. I always plan trips to the Mall around lunch. She loves sitting in her stroller, people watching, so the Mall is usually an easy time. I choose to go at lunch time because I can get her a healthy meal of grilled chicken and veggies from the food court, which make a great leftover for her later.

During today's trip to the Mall, we sat next to the Carousel during lunch. I kept looking at it thinking how much I loved the Carousel as a kid, still do actually. Then it hit me, I have a child who may just love it as much as me. So, we rode the Carousel after lunch. Delilah's very first time!

I learned a few things during that ride. Mainly, don't be the first one on. You have to wait and wait and wait before they start the thing. This really tried her patience. I was able to get her to sit on the animal for all of a minute before she started throwing a fit. Since it wasn't going to start for a few more minutes, we moved to the bench seat instead. She still seemed a bit impatient so I tried to pacify her with my phone. That was about to wear out when they finally started the ride. THANK GOODNESS! Once it was moving she seemed to be happier. There were no smiles, but she didn't fuss.

Anyhow, enough yammering on. Here are some pics from her first Carousel Ride.

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