Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Speech Evaluation

Last Friday Delilah had her Speech Evaluation with the Speech Therapist at Hand in Hand (Early Intervention). I was a bit worried she wouldn't act like her normal self because it was during nap time. I am happy to say she was wonderful. She always takes a bit to warm up with the therapists, but she was ready to jump right in and play. I felt really good about the evaluation. The therapist didn't give me much information when we left because she needed to review her notes.

I received the results on Monday and was very happy with them. As far as speech goes, Delilah is on a 12 months speech level, which is considered borderline within normal limits. She is automatically eligible for speech therapy because of her diagnosis, so we will start seeing the therapist once a month. During our sessions, the therapist will teach me different techniques to stimulate communication with Delilah. She did say that we have been doing a wonderful job with her already. She was very encouraged to hear that we are working on sign language which is a great communication tool.

I have said it before and I will say it again and again, 'Baby Signing Times' DVDs are AWESOME!!! As of right now she can sign More and Hat. Random with Hat, but she really likes that one. I also think she signs Shoes, but when she does it, it looks like More. (More is touching fingertips together, Hat is touching closed fists together, so very close.) I am very happy with her progress.

Another new thing she has learned is to brush her hair. Every night after bath time I will brush her hair and then give her the brush and help her do it. Then she will lightly do it herself. Then I help her brush my hair and she will do it herself. She really gets a kick out of this. We have also been trying to teach her to brush her teeth. She loves getting her teeth brush so she was eager to try herself. So stinkin' cute!

In a previous post I talked about possibly starting a new blog for all my craft projects. Well I finally did it. Here is the link if you want to stop by. And before I let you go, here are some pics of Delilah playing in my fabric scrap basket.

(By the way she is crawling like crazy now!)

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