Monday, September 6, 2010

A Full Weekend

We have had a very fun, full weekend. Saturday was, of course, FOOTBALL! WAR EAGLE!!! We are all very excited about football season. For Johnny, it's about watching the game and having a few beers with friends. I am all about the hanging with friends and sharing some laughs, watching the game is a mere afterthought. It is also a wonderful excuse to dress up Delilah. I made her an Auburn pillowcase dress that is stinkin' adorable. I will be sure to post pictures as soon as I remember to take some! 

On Sunday, we drove to Florida for my nephew, Wyatt's, first birthday party. He was such a ham! So cute and full of ENERGY! That kid doesn't just walk, he RUNS! I couldn't believe how rambunctious my sister's household is. D was seriously outnumbered, as she was the only little girl. She really enjoyed herself playing with bubbles and hanging with her cousins. I wish we lived closer so they could spend more time together, but a 4 hour drive isn't too bad. 

Well, I believe I am going to spend the rest of the evening, recuperating from our weekend, lounging on the couch with the family. I will leave you with some pics from the party. 
The Birthday Boy, Wyatt

Silly Logan

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  1. Looks like everyone had a great time! Happy Birthday to Wyatt. :)