Monday, September 27, 2010


Fall is in the air! It may not last, but we are enjoying while we can. I have turned off the AC and opened all the windows. I am even seeing some color changing in the leaves.

I love this time of year! The crisp air, the rich colors, and the yummy aromas from all the baking, or in our case the Pumpkin Pie candles burning. Fall is definitely my favorite season, I just hope Alabama weather cooperates. 

Delilah has been doing amazing things, as expected! She is signing more and more. She has learned Milk, Fish, Cracker, and Eat. It seems like she signs something new each day. 

Unfortunately, the poor girl is going through some serious teething. Last time I counted she had 4 coming in at the same time. I looked again this morning and I swear I could see more. Most of the day she seems happy and unaffected by this madness. Then, all of a sudden, she will start sobbing and it takes ages to soothe her. I am hoping that this soon will pass. I hate seeing my little one in pain. 

Hoping you are all having a Fabulous Fall Monday! 

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