Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wow! So fast!!!

Dr. Miller is AMAZING! We have already received our first shipment of Growth Hormone Therapy free of charge. Our case manager is working with insurance to get us approved to use GH, but while we want they wanted us to be able to start. Also, if insurance denies us the first time, while we are waiting on the appeal to process, we will receive another shipment of GH. We can't use it until after the sleep study and a nurse teaches us how to use it, but we are getting there fast. Our case manager will arrange a nurse to come out to teach me how to administer it once the Dr. gives us the all clear to start. It is all happening so fast. I'm so glad I called her. We are still waiting to hear about the sleep study, but I am sure it will happen soon.

On another, more ranting note...We are moving across town so I need to find a new Pediatrician. Someone closer to us as we tend to be in the office several times a month. It is important that I interview so I am comfortable with the care Delilah will be receiving. I was very shocked when I called one office and they rudely told me that they don't do interviews anymore. Quoting the ever lovely receptionist, "It's a waist of time." SERIOUSLY?!?! It is absurd for them not to take interviews. This doctor will be Delilah's main doctor for 18 years. I want to know that we are receiving the best care and that the doctor is willing to learn as much as possible about PWS. So any of you in the Birmingham area, stay away from Tots N' Teens.

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