Thursday, October 8, 2009

Head Control

Delilah's head control is getting better and better. Just take a look at the pictures below. She didn't lift her head on her own, but once I helped her get it up, she held it up for a full minute! What a feat!!! I was so excited I grabbed the camera and shot a few photos. Her head control is getting stronger by the day. It is hard work for her to lift her head (as I type this she is passed out next to me). Her head size is normal for her age, but the rest of her body is a little behind. Hopefully she will start to gain much needed muscle now that she is eating so much better. I think she will be lifting her head all by herself by the time we move into our new house. 


  1. the second one is my fav! I love that look on her face! Yay Delilah! ~Aryn

  2. Find a old photo of your grandmother Linda. Delilah looks just like her. Aunt Betty