Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Wow! I can't believe Delilah will be 3 months old Thursday. Not only is the time flying, but we are beginning to see major accomplishments from our little bundle of joy. Lately, she has had much better head control. She has been able to turn it from side to side while laying on her back and when she is being held on our shoulder. However, the biggest accomplishment has just happened last night and this morning. While sitting on my lap with her legs in front of her, I leaned her forward and let her head lay on my chest. She decided she didn't like that and lifted her head to look at me. She lifted it with out my assistance, all on her own!!!! I am such a proud mommy! She hasn't done it during tummy time yet, but she is getting much closer. Before we know it she will be sitting up, rolling over, walking, etc. It is so great to see all the progress she has been making. She has also been smiling and giggling lately. She mostly laughs at Daddy, (it's because he is so funny looking) but I finally got to see it! So precious! I am in the process of charging the video camera so I can catch it on camera and let everyone see. She is so wonderful!

Other news: We had the Home Inspection for the home we have a contract on. It went very well. No major issues. Just a few little things that we can take care of easily! That being said, we are definitely buying this house. If everything goes as planned, we will be closing October 30th! Anyone want to come and help us move?!?!


  1. Nana is very proud of your little girl, and of you and John too. Delilah is very blessed to have the two of you as her parents. Love you all bunches!!!

    Mom Barrow

  2. YAY Delilah!!! I'm so proud of you! Good Job momma for working with her and being so patient in this journey! I love you all!!

    Aunt Conni