Sunday, September 27, 2009

3 Month Update

My little girl turned 3 months old Thursday. I can't believe it. I would say she is getting so big, but unfortunately that isn't the case. Friday she had a weight check at the pediatricians office. She only weighs 8lbs 12 ounces. She has only gained 7 ounces in a month. NOT ENOUGH!  It isn't that she doesn't eat, we just don't think she is eating enough. She will only eat 2-3 ounces every 3-4 hours. We try everything to get her to eat more, but she just stops after 3 ounces. I have even tried feeding her smaller amounts more frequently, but she won't have any of that. In order to put some weight on her we have switched her formula to one with more calories. Hopefully she will have gained some when we go see the pediatrician again on Friday. I also think she has had problems eating because she has a slight case of Thrush. We have her on medication now, so hopefully it will clear up soon.

We have also started the process of getting her Early Intervention(EI). I have already filled out the paperwork and Tuesday we see the therapist for an evaluation. It is nice to have a program that will help Delilah with her development. We still see her occupational therapist, Sally, every Wednesday. She is wonderful. I hope the therapist with EI is just as good. Our case manager said she has worked with several other PWS children a few years ago. 

We are also working on getting in to see an Endocrinologist Pediatrician. According to all the information about PWS, the Growth Hormone Therapy is the best way to go. Seeing how I don't really understand all the medical lingo I have read, I really want to talk to a doctor who can spell it out in plain english for me. Many of the other parents I speak to on a PWS message board boast about how well it helped their babies.

Well, I have gone on long enough. It is off to play with Delilah, feed her, then bed. Good night!

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