Monday, April 25, 2011

An Easter Fun Weekend

This past weekend has been a blast! We really enjoyed the good weather and spending time with friends and family. I have no intention of making this post to wordy, as I am tired, so please enjoy the pics I just edited.

Below: Delilah eating Daddy's ear of corn. I think we have found her new favorite food.

Below: Delilah searching for eggs on Saturday. She wasn't really all that interested.

Below: Delilah's Easter basket. Mr. EB brought her some art supplies. (Daddy will be building her an easel when he is feeling better.)

Below: Using her new Window crayons. I couldn't decide who had more fun, me or her. Fun times!

Below: Can't remember if I told you, but Betty's baby birds flew the coop. When the other nest fell, I didn't want it to go to waist so I donated it to Betty. Apparently she liked it, cause little miss fertile laid two more eggs. Looks like we will have more baby birds soon. 

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