Saturday, December 18, 2010

Some Early Christmas

We have had quite a week. Monday evening my sister, Conni, brother in law, Adam and two nephews, Logan and Wyatt, spent the night with us, on their way to Tennessee. It is always fun getting the kids together. We let them open their presents. I was hoping Delilah would have more interest in the opening this year, but she could have cared less. She did love her Princess Tea Set though, especially the forks and spoons. The funniest part was little Wyatt. We got him a Little Peoples Airplane, one of the coolest toys! (Seriously, I want one!) Did he want to play with it? Nope. He wanted the tea set. He and Delilah sat on the floor playing with that tea set the rest of the night. It was stinkin' cute. I took some pictures, but due to poor lighting they came out a bit fuzzy. Here are the only OK ones.

Wednesday morning I woke up to a tweaked neck. I couldn't turn my head a fraction of an inch, much less get up and walk around. Thankfully, John was able to take off work and take care of me and Delilah. I was able to finally start moving it around mid day, but it still is a bit sore. Not sure what it's deal is, but hopefully it doesn't happen again. 

Thursday morning we all woke up sick. Lucky us! I was suffering from a severe sore throat, John just had what we like to call the 'crud', and poor Delilah is suffering through a nasty, runny nose and congestion. Thankfully no fever. She is a bit crankier around nap and bed time, as expected, but she has been pretty happy the majority of the time. She is not a big fan of us wiping her nose, but what baby is?! Luckily by Friday, my throat was clearing up. John and Delilah seem to still be the same, but I think Delilah's is slowly getting better. 

On Friday night we had a few of our friends over for dinner to celebrate the holidays. Very low key. Just some good food, good wine, and great friends. We really had a good time sitting around the table and chatting. We definitely need to do that more often! 

Brad and Jenn, Delilah's godparents, brought her Christmas Present with them. One of the biggest boxes I have seen! Of course, Delilah didn't care about opening it, but once it was out of the box she was super excited. She now has her very own, toddler sized, upholstered rocking chair. Let me tell you, it is the cutest darn chair I have ever seen, and super soft to boot. It is covered with a minky type fabric in pink with white polka dots. Perfect for our little princess. Once our Christmas tree is put away I will be turning that corner into a little reading/play nook for Delilah. Here are the pics from last night. (Same fuzzy issues.)

She is in love with her chair. The following pictures are from this morning and after her bath this evening. 

Thank you so much Brad and Jenn! We have a very happy little girl! 

Oh, and before I forget. Delilah's walking is getting better and better every day. She can walk the entire length of the living room. Personally, I think she could do it all the time if she wanted to, but she knows it's faster to crawl. 

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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