Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas day is almost over, but the memories will last a life time! We truly had a wonderful Christmas! John's parents and brothers are in town to celebrate with us. Delilah is loving all the attention and has grown quite attached to 'Pops' (John's Dad). We may not let him leave!

Opening all the presents proved to be as chaotic as expected, but a lot of fun. Just take a look at the photo below. Craziness! Delilah wasn't too interested in opening anything, but she was happy to play with all her new toys. I think she may have been a bit overwhelmed.

I could go on forever, but instead of boring you with words, I will give you what you want. Pictures! Enjoy!

Succumbing to her nap!

Reading with Pops


Christmas PJs (Christmas Eve)

The crazy amount of gifts

Santa's gift, with a little help from Momma

Loving her new Doll

Sitting with Uncle Lee

Milk with Pops

Almost lost among her gifts

White Christmas! It even stuck!

Her favorite toy! Thanks Nana and PawPaw!

She decided it was her new chair, not a bed for baby.

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas as much as we did! Now it's time for some much needed rest!

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