Monday, October 18, 2010

A Week of Mornings

I came across this blog post last night from Stitches and Scissors which led me to this site, A Year of Mornings. Basically, two friends, who lived far from each other, decided to take a photo every morning, for a year, and post it to their blog. A way for them to stay connected and feel a part of each others life.

I love this idea. It would definitely be too much of a stretch to make a year commitment at this time, but a week is a good place to start. I have been so terrible at taking photos lately, so this is something I really needed.

The rules I will be following: I will take a photo, edit it, and post it to the blog within one hour of waking. Should be interesting to see if I get it done in time. I started today. Here is the photo:

This is what we do every morning after breakfast. We cuddle on the couch. Delilah drinks her milk and watches Disney channel, and I cuddle next to her with my laptop browsing all the blogs I follow. (I, of course, am not in the picture because I am taking it!) 

We both slept in until 8:45 so I am still within the one hour window. Wish me luck on following through with this task. 

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