Friday, October 29, 2010


Well, we have hit that stage that I am not a big fan of (who is?). TANTRUMS. Now that Delilah has found her voice she is letting us know it. She throws one heck of a fit! She definitely has a set of lungs on her. She mainly throws these fits when we try to lay her down, whether we are changing her diaper, giving her the shot, or it is time for nap or bedtime. Just walking towards the changing table brings on the screaming and kicking.

Our Physical Therapist got a taste of these fits yesterday. Delilah just didn't want to do any of the activities so she let the PT know it. The PT suggested it was time to get her into Group Sessions at the Bell Center. The Bell Center is another wonderful Early Intervention (EI) Program. I would love to get her into the Group Sessions. They have circle time and other activities involving a couple of other kids with similar development delays. We just have to see if we qualify for a scholarship. Unlike our current EI (which has state assistance so is Free), this is a private organization, so there is a tuition. Not to mention I will have to make the drive to Homewood (about 30 min one way)  twice a week, which will raise our gas budget. I am optimistic that we will get it all worked out so she can join this program. It would be so good for her.

On to some fun development news. Delilah is showing great balance. She is standing, unassisted, for up to a minute. When she does wobble, she either corrects herself, or lowers herself into sitting. No falling for my girl! She has also mastered climbing up the stairs. (Not to worry, I still follow behind her for safety.) We no longer carry her up the stairs, we let her climb. She hasn't quite figured out how to climb DOWN, so the gates will remain up for safety. She has figured out how to get off the couch safely, by rolling onto her tummy and going feet first. This was a bit of trial and error, as she really liked going face first (thank goodness for PILLOWS!) She is still working on climbing onto the couch.

She still has a little way to go before she is walking, but she is definitely moving in the right direction.

No post would be complete without some pictures.

Hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful Weekend!

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