Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Smartest Girl EVER!!!

Delilah said her first word today, and I have a witness. We were in the middle of her therapy session with Sally. Sally had Delilah standing, using an exercise ball to help with balance, and she had just stopped throwing a fit. (Standing is her favorite thing to do right now.) She slowly turned to look at me and said in the sweetest voice ever, "Mama". That's right folks, she said a word. And there was no mistaking it. Sally and I both froze, then I looked at Delilah and said, "could you repeat that?" Of course she didn't because Sally had to continue with therapy which made her super unhappy. However, when she was finished and sitting in my lap she looked at me and said it again. I cannot believe she said her first word! I wasn't expecting it. She has been making the Mmm sound lately, but to actually say a word. I didn't think she would be capable of any speech for a while. Many children with PWS are significantly delayed with speech, some not speaking until 3 or 4. It just goes to show you how different the symptoms can be from child to child. *I will try to catch it on video soon.* Not only has she said her first word but she has gained her sitting balance. She can sit, unsupported for several minutes, at which point she is usually reaching for a toy, out of reach, and topples over. She is just amazing! Each and every day something new and exciting. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. How precious!! I know you must truly cherish every moment...Off to read more!! I stopped in from the UBP and I'm so glad I did!