Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the temperature was just warm enough for a tank top and jeans. I opened up all the windows to air out the house and Delilah and I proceeded outside to get some fresh air and sunlight. I spread out a blanket and we laid out and played for a while. I wish it weren't raining today. Here are a few pics in the sunshine.

Another quick thing before I go...Delilah woke up yesterday and decided she was ready to roll over on her own; no assistance needed. She rolled across the living room. Now it is all she seems to do. YEAH!!!!!! I knew she could do it. I am so proud of her. Next step, crawling. And it may be sooner than we thought. What a ROCKSTAR! 


  1. Hey, my name's Kaitlyn and i was just assigned a project in my biology class on Prader WIlli Syndrome and I'm supposed to interview someone who has been affected by PWS and I found your blog and was wondering if i could maybe ask you a few questions?

  2. Kaitlyn..Delilah's mommy thought she posted a reply to you but it apparently did not take. You can contact her via email at or you can contact me at

    We would be happy to help you with your project.

    Nana Cindi