Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Magic City Mile

I've really been bad about this blog updating. No promises on getting any better.

Anyhow, this past Sunday we attended the Magic City Mile Run/Walk for The Bell Center. As you may already know, Delilah currently attends The Bell Center (a wonderful Early Intervention Program). I can't stress enough how important The Bell Center has been to Delilah's development. Anyhow, the Magic City Mile was a fun way to spend a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. Delilah colored, had her face painted, and played with bubbles. Lucky for her, Mom did all the walking! (I didn't realize how out of shape I was until I had to walk up the hill to the starting line!)

Here is a pic from the fun afternoon. 
Please note her accessories. She is her mother's daughter!

This fall has proven to be quite a busy one so far. Delilah attends school 4 days a week (2hr drop off at The Bell Center). She loves it and always has a good report.

One thing the therapists are working on, with her, is her balance. It seems to be a touch off recently. Mostly due to her always running and not walking. We are trying to teach her to slow down and walk. It seems anytime she stands up, she sprints off, leading to many stumbles and falls. (I was afraid someone would think I beat the poor child with the amount of bruises she gets from her falls.) She also tends to go limp anytime someone tries to hold her hand or steer her in a different direction/activity. Not fun, especially when she drags me down with her. Hopefully we can get this corrected soon.

She is also talking up a storm. We are working on recognizable two word phrases. We believe she is already saying some, we just can't understand them. However, her favorite thing to say right now is "Uh-oh". She will purposely drop or throw something just to say it. It's cuteness wares off after bending down to pick something up for the third time.

She is a big lover of music. She loves to carry around my iPod listening to her tunes. She can throw quite the fit when the battery runs down.

I guess that will do for now. Nap time is over and we will soon be off to the airport to pick up her surprise visitor (Gran Deanie). Hope everyone enjoys the beautiful weather!

P.S. I am taking orders for Poinsettias to help The Bell Center raise money. They are 8 inches and available in red, pink, or white for $17 per plant. All orders and payment are due on October 28th and I will deliver on December 5th. Please let me know if you are interested.

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