Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let Summer Begin

Delilah took her first flight yesterday morning. She did FANTASTIC! She didn't get fussy until we were unloading from our last flight. She was tired of sitting so still.

You may be wondering why we were flying. We decided to take a little vacation to John's parents home in Texas. They live on a river in the most charming house. I absolutely love it! Delilah loves spending time with 'Pops' and 'Gran Deanie'; and Uncle David too.

As this river isn't really toddler friendly, we decided to get her a little pool to play in. To say she loves it is the understatement of the year. Little girl would live in that pool if we would let her. The next few days will be full of fun and relaxation. Here are a few pics from today. Enjoy!

Don't worry, our fair skinned beauty is lathered up with Sunscreen!

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