Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Day of Bubbles

I want to first start this post by expressing my utter disbelief in what is happening in Japan right now. All the images, clips, and stories about this horrible natural disaster is over whelming and saddens me greatly. I pray that they find all the survivors and can begin the recovery process quickly and efficiently. When I hear /see these events on the news, I always hold Delilah a little bit tighter.

As this weekend has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL, we have been distancing ourselves from the TV/news and focusing on some fun outside time. Saturday, Delilah and I spent the majority of the afternoon playing on the front porch while John worked on sanding a desk down for me. About a week ago I bought her a bubble machine, but due to the nasty weather this was our first chance to use it. This little machine is AWESOME! It put out a gazillion bubbles. (Seriously, that's it's name!) Delilah was absolutely thrilled. She couldn't get enough. I, of course, had the camera ready. Enjoy!

These next two are exactly the same, I just edited differently. I just love her in these rolled up jeans. It just shouts spring/summer. 

Before I go, I just want to brag on myself a bit. I totally stepped outside my comfort zone and shot all of these in Manual mode. No more auto for me!

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