Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sleep Study Results

Finally called about the Sleep Study Results from July 18th. I know, I'm a bit of a procrastinator. Anyhow, GREAT news. She had an almost normal sleep study showing her central sleep apnea to have corrected itself and she no longer needs supplemental oxygen at night. WOOHOO! I do have to admit that she hasn't actually been on oxygen for a while. As she became more mobile, rolling around in bed, she started to take the canula off and wrap the cord around herself. No matter what I tried to secure it, she managed to get tangled in it. I was terrified that she would end up wrapping it around her neck that I had to make the hard choice to discontinue it's use until something better could be figured out. I discussed this problem with the doctors, nurses and respiratory specialists and the couldn't give me any alternatives that I hadn't already tried. Now I know I don't have to worry about it anymore. She will continue to have sleep studies because she is on Growth Hormone, but my hope is they decrease in frequency to once a year. Crossing my fingers!

On other news about Delilah, she is doing some amazingly cute things. We have been teaching her to blow kisses. In the beginning she would put her hand to her mouth and just stare at us. Now she is making the kissing sounds. It really is the cutest thing. She is also beginning to sign. Today with the EI (early intervention) therapist she signed 'more'. She really loves her "Baby Signing Times" DVDs (thank you Ms. Janet!) I have been trying to incorporate as many signs as possible into our daily routine and I think it is finally catching on. She can also sign 'hat'. I really do recommend this DVD series to anyone with small children. It is AMAZING!

Johnny started back to work this week. It has taken him a few days to get into the new rhythm, but I think he has it all worked out now. Delilah and I have also gotten back to our normal routine. I must admit, those few weeks Johnny was home all day with us were great vacation days for myself. He took on most of the daily tasks and I got to relax. I also discovered my newest hobby. Quilting of course! I have the quilting bug bad. The past few nights I have been searching for quilting blogs and looking up tutorials to try out. I also made another quilt top and an Auburn pillow case dress for Delilah for the first game of the season. And there are many more projects on my mind. I am even going to step out of my comfort zone and make some more difficult dresses for D. I am thinking I may need to start a separate blog about my sewing obsession and my new fabric obsession. Well, Project Runway is calling my name, so goodnight!

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