Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Today was spent out in the backyard. I desperately needed to clean the sunroom, so I pulled out all the furniture, set Delilah up at her sand table, and I got to scrubbing. Just so you know, I HATE spiders. (shivers) Even with all the little creepy crawlies, I'm glad I got it accomplished. D and I need a lot more fresh air in our lives. I'm getting a bit of cabin fever in my house. 

I am hoping to do a little yard work this week, as well. The back yard it in rough shape, and not really child friendly. Luckily I have someone coming to mow every 2 weeks, but I still need to do something about all the weeds and such. The biggest issue I have is with the little ball things (sweet gum?) that cover the ground. Makes it tough to walk around out there. But I refuse to let them stop us from enjoying our yard. Besides, I figure they will help D with her balance. 

My main motivation for cleaning up the backyard is for D. I really want to get her some fun outside equipment. Things to keep her moving. I have my eye on a Tiny Tots Trampoline and a dreamy Swing Set. The trampoline is most likely joining our family soon. The swing set will take some planning. You see, it's one of those massive, wood ones, that takes A LOT of time to put together. Oh, and bodies. Not a project I could accomplish alone. So I have to think on it and plan. It would make a hell heck of a birthday present for one amazing little girl.  

Seeing how no post is complete without pictures, here are a few I managed to catch while playing out back today. Enjoy!

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